• 05/27/15: We have just published a rebuttal paper on bioRXiv, about the link between Horizontal Gene Transfers and the origin of major archaeal clades. The original paper, by Nelson-Sathi et al. was published early this year in nature, the title is “Origins of major archaeal clades correspond to gene acquisitions from Bacteria”.
    So our paper is entitled “Origins of major archaeal clades DO NOT correspond to gene acquisitions from Bacteria”. Check it out, it’s here:
    Don’t hesitate to send me feedback via this website, or via email or Twitter! Happy reading.

  • 02/11/15: Florent Lassalle (UCL, London) and I will co-organize a symposium during SMBE 2015! The conference is held in Vienna, Austria, on July 12-16th. Super excited. The topic is Evolution and Ecology of Microbial Communities. Nancy Moran (University of Texas, Austin, USA) and Peer Bork (EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany) are invited speakers! More info at
  • 11/10/15: Our new MBE paper on the use of species-aware gene trees for ancestral protein reconstruction just came out! Check it out here: